Accessibility leads to (temporary) inaccesibility

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Well folks, the accessibility project continues at Unity. Pretty exciting really. We are lucky/blessed to have the funds, the builders and the human resources to make this happen. Special thanks to the building team for their leadership and vision during this time. Photo 2014-03-23, 10 02 45 Right now, we have hit a rather ironic point in the process. In order to be accessible, we need to endure some temporary inaccesibility. We are really, really sorry about that.  For all intents and purposes, our church is a worksite right now and we need to make sure that those who use the downstairs portion of the building while construction is happening do so safely. And sometimes, the safest place for those of us who don’t have safety equipment or safety clothing can be is away from the work site while work is going on. So…this week, the office will be relocating to our Music Director’s home. Our worship committee will also be meeting there. Our Jesus 24/7 program and our Sounds of Silence programs are going on hiatus until June. Please keep an eye on this page for further details. If you need to reach us, send an email. They are still being checked during this exciting time! Photo 2014-05-18, 11 03 54Photo 2014-05-18, 11 03 32Photo 2014-05-18, 11 02 45Photo 2014-05-18, 11 02 21

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