Anti-Spam Legislation: How it affects You and Unity

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“Opt In”

The Canadian Government has issued a new “Canadian Anti-Spam Law” (CASL for short).   This legislation takes effect July 1st.   The legislation requires you to give  formal consent  to continue receiving emails from Unity United church.  Without that consent, you will no longer receive the Heartbeat (our Unity community announcements) or the congregational email blasts that announce events like a death in the community or a show we’re hosting.   The timing could NOT be worse.   We recognize you may be on holidays.   We recognize you may not check email during the summer months because you are busy with family, friends and farming.   So, here is what Unity is asking you to do: 

Between July 1 and September 1, PLEASE send an email to the church which MUST include the following: -your name -your email address -your statement of consent (which is just you saying, “I give permission for Unity United Church to send me emails”.)     We regret that if you don’t respond by September 1, you will not receive any more emails from us after that date. (It’s not us, it’s CASL).   Thank you for your assistance. We will respect your wishes.

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