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IFundraisingn February 24 we will gather as a congregation and brainstorm how we plan to raise needed funds for Unity United Church.  I think there is always some apprehension when we ask for suggestions or ideas because we feel that if we make a suggestion, that we also need to chair the committee that puts on that fundraiser.  With the hopes of getting more ideas, I would like to ask that you provide me with your ideas in writing.  Email or a handwritten note is fine.  When we have our meeting I will highlight each suggestion anonymously (unless you tell me it is ok to share your name) and hope that interested parties will step up to the plate and help with the organization.  I will also ask for other suggestions so please don’t feel if you didn’t give me something before the meeting that your suggestions are not welcome.  All ideas are always welcome.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Barbara Jones

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