Newcomer & Visitor F.A.Q.s

WELCOME to UNITY UNITED CHURCH! (Really…we mean it) If you’re checking out this page, it’s probably because you’re curious about our faith family. Great! We like that! Sometimes curious people explore by asking direct questions. You can ask a question by filling out the form below or you can leave a phone message using the contact information. Our church likes answering questions and will try to get back to you ASAP. Sometimes curious people have the same kinds of questions. Maybe these are some of yours? What time is your worship service? We start at 10:00 with announcements about programs, events and celebrations that are happening in our faith family. What should I wear? Please wear clothes. (Seriously, we don’t care what you wear. Just make sure you wear something.) I have kids. What do I do with them? (And how come I didn’t see any in the sanctuary when I visited?) At Unity, our kids have their own worship time in Godly Play. It’s different from most Sunday School programs. It begins right before the adult worship service and runs for the same amount of time. Our specially trained teachers interact with the children in their own space using incredible, hand-crafted worship materials that are interactive. Together, they learn about God, Jesus, the Bible and the Holy Spirit. For a more-detailed explanation see the Godly Play page.  When you arrive at Unity with your kids ask anyone where the Godly Play room is and they will show you where to take them. On the first Sunday of the month (excluding summer months) you will have the opportunity to attend the Adult Godly Play, starting before the regular service at 8:45. Can children take communion at Unity?That’s up to the parents. Children do come up from Godly Play to share in communion; they are welcome at the table. How long is the service?Usually an hour to an hour and 10 minutes. Sometimes, it’s a bit shorter. What happens at the worship service?Well, it differs from week to week. These things are consistent: we sing, we hear scripture readings, we hear from the choir or guest musicians, we hear a message or a reflection, we pray, we leave the sanctuary and go downstairs for fellowship time. Shaker instruments, video clips, costumes, cantatas, candles, praise music, cds, clapping, sharing personal stories also show up in worship from time to time. To contact the church, please fill out the form below: