Nov. 10 – A Day in the Life: Imam Dr. Abdul Hai Patel

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On November 10th. from 7:30p.m. – 9:00p.m., the Midland Cultural Centre is hosting Imam Dr. Abdul Hai Patel on their conversation program, A Day in the Life. Imam Dr. Abdul Hai Patel is a distinguished Islamic religious and community leader. It would be significant for our Christian community to attend and learn more about Islam and the interfaith efforts of people like Dr. Patel. If you would like to order tickets, please click here. Here is some additional information about Dr. Patel’s contributions to Canada: Imam Abdul Hai Patel is immediate past Coordinator of Canadian Council of Imams, representing the Islamic religious leadership. Currently, he is Director of Inter Faith relations. He has been serving as Imam and Community Leader for 46 years in Canada.
  • He served as a Commissioner of Ontario Human Rights Commission from 1999-2005.
  • He serves on the Council of College of Nurses in Ontario. He is immediate past member of National Board of Governors of Scouts Canada (Read More)
  • He is President of Ontario Multi Faith Council.
  • He serves on two committees of Toronto Police Service:  Chief’s advisory Council & Member and past Co-Chair of Muslim Consultative Committee.
  • He is a Muslim Chaplain at the University of Toronto, York Regional Police and CAM-H Centre for Addiction & Mental Health). He served for six years as Chaplain at Whitby Mental Hospital and is Chaplaincy consultant to other Hospitals and correctional facilities.
  • He is a member of Interfaith advisory Committee of Federal Gov’t’s Corrections Canada.
  • He is a member of Canadian Association of Police Chaplains.
  • He is a Director and Patron in Chief of Muslim Children Aid and Support Service.
  • He is a founder and member of several Inter faith groups and active in interfaith dialogues. He is a regular speaker in national and international conferences.
  • He is Director of Ansaar Foundation for addressing poverty & homelessness in Toronto.
  • He is Director of Flemingdon Park Food Bank.
  • He has served in various capacities on Boards of Hospitals, Social Services and Community Legal Clinics and International development and relief organizations.
  • Recipients of Governor General and Ontario Government’s awards for Community Service.
  • Recipients of Honorary Doctorate degree from Canadian Institute of Islamic Studies.

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