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“Flawed but Favoured” (Genesis 27:1-4, 15-23; 28:10-17)
September 22, 2013

Today, we heard about a young man who had made a whole pile of mistakes with his life–hard core substance abuser by the age of 9, armed robber before he was 30. Negligent father. Unfaithful husband. We encounter him on his night of personal reckoning–the night when he knows that his time is going to run out–and the people who were looking for him will find him and take his life. And those of us who hear his story (this was taken from a book) are asked a question: “Could he still be a saved soul?”

And I asked -in addition to that- “What do you think you think should happen to this guy?”
Once again, the congregation shares their perspectives easily…….

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“Of course he could be saved! God loves everyone.”

“He went to jail.”

“Hope he sobered up first!”

“He must be ok or you wouldn’t be reading from this book about him.”

“Not necessarily, he could have died you know.”

“Sure his soul could be saved. Anyone can change if the really want to.”

“He sounds like the guy who lead me to Christ because…he’d been shown grace in his life he could show me.”

Then we moved into our look at “Jacob: Flawed but Favoured.” (Genesis 27:1-4, 15-23; 28:10-17)  We had fun selecting adjectives to describe him, his mother and their behaviour. We talked about Esau’s anger. Then we thought about our own shortcomings—how God’s grace is bigger than all of that—how we are loved–loved despite who we are and because of who we are…and that through grace, we can all receive the blessings He desires to give us.

 I finished up by naming the man whose story we heard at the beginning—how part of a book written about him became a best-seller. And how the ministry he’d been given by God to do was successful–despite who he was and because of who he was. He was blessed and became a blessing to others.

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