Sounds of Silence TONIGHT @ 7pm-7:45pm

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IMG_0997Your alarm clock shrieked you into waking…..
your dog growled at you when you tried to walk her,
your toddler screamed at you before he threw his sippy cup at you,
your partner fought with you….
your boss humiliated you…..
and your oldest just announced she needs you to take her to the mall—-NOW.
And all day long you longed for one quiet moment for yourself….
you may have even found yourself praying for that moment to arrive. 

Well, that moment is almost here.  Come and experience 45 minutes of sacred silence in the Sanctuary of Unity United Church. You can pray silently, talk to God silently, wonder silently,  you can read a spiritual book or count the rafters in the ceiling (as long as you do it silently). You don’t even have to stay for the full 45 minutes—just as long as you need.  You use that time however you want to use it—as long as it is silent and not a distraction to those who are there. When the 45 minutes are up, I’ll extinguish the candles and we’ll be on our way. Come and experience the healing sounds of silence. 

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