Take a Journey to Unity This Sunday: Our 5th Anniversary

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Unity United Church may be housed in a building that is over 100 years old, but as a  faith family, we are only five. That’s right—Unity is only 5. We’re not as old as we look! This is one of the reasons why church feels different here. We’re new kids on the block -or should I say- on the county road, so to speak. 

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have any history.

We acknowledge the past. Who we are is a special collection of stories, experiences, passions and gifts. We are individuals -of course- but more importantly we are a Christ-centred community. God has called us to travel together for a very special reason, purpose and mission (see our mission statement on the home page). That’s more important than any one of us and impossible to achieve without  all of us working as Unity. History is who we were and who we are. 

That said, we are looking into the future. We continue to follow Jesus down the road—doing the new things He calls us to do. 

This Sunday, Unity’s first minister, The Rev. Kerrie Perry will lead us as we celebrate our continuing journey as Unity United Church. Travel with us this Sunday and stay for fellowship and sandwiches afterwards! Service begins at 10:00! Hope to see you there! (Don’t forget to set your clock back an hour on Saturday night!)

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