We’re Baaaaaaack! I am sorry about the delay…..

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Being a webmaster is a humbling experience–especially when it’s a new experience. I have to apologize: I am sorry. I am responsible for uploading much of the content that is on our church website. Sure, I can tell you I’ve been busy doing pastoral work—which is true. I can also tell you I’ve been in the midst of making a move from one home to another. Which is also true. 

But those are excuses. None of them change the fact that I didn’t update the website. (Please click on>> to read more)

Human beings like to make excuses–because it gets us out of accepting responsibility for things that we have done wrong. 

Christians are called to live in relationship with one another. Each person has a responsibility to carry out their lives in ways that are mindful of others. What we do -or don’t do- has an affect on other people—ALWAYS. 

Rest assured, we have not disappeared from either the virtual or real world. I will do my best to keep our page updated. And if you have a question that our page doesn’t answer, please send me an email. I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as I can. 




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