Working from Home March 12, 2014

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IMG_1109Another morning in March, another snow day. That picture is on the 400 Northbound.

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous—denim jacket wearing weather, sunshine streaming through the car window weather, crank up the tunes and roll the window down weather (until you realize it’s not THAT warm.)  The outside temperature according to my car’s thermometer was 7 degrees. Seven! Perfect day for the drive to Presbytery meetings. (Close to 7 hours worth!)

But that was yesterday.

And today, we have this…with the possibility of the temperature dipping to -29.

So, I will be working from home today. Unity folk know how to reach me. If you need to reach me and you’re not sure how to do that, drop me a line through this website. I’ll be checking it a LOT today. (Please click “>>” to see the rest of the message)

Maybe you’re stuck at home too. If you’re looking for some “Faith Work” to do, here are some suggestions

*count five blessings and thank God for each one
*read “The Gospel of John” (it’s what we’re looking at during our worship time at Unity)
*pour yourself a coffee/tea/water and talk to God like S/He’s your neighbour–that’s all prayer is. 

And if you’re interested in connecting with other people who are “working from home” today, check out these faith work conversations:

UCC Jesus Confronts  
(A Facebook group that is discussing Confronted by Jesus: A Lenten Devotional–yeah, it’s the book I wrote.)

Turn Around and Take Off  

(A Facebook group called Turn Around and Take Off: A lenten study group within the United Church of Canada)

May your day at home be a blessing!


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