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Unity is thrilled to announce we raised $724.10 for Compassion Place – Pregnancy & Family Care Centre through our Baby Bottle Campaign!!

Compassion Place is a local Christian charity that aims to provide the emotional and practical support often needed when faced with an unexpected or difficult pregnancy situation. Whether it’s an unexpected pregnancy, your role as mom, grief from a past abortion or miscarriage, or navigating the ups and downs of life, we’re here for you. We are committed to serving those in our community with compassionate care and support.

We seek to be a safe and confidential place where individuals and families can find information, share their hearts and receive support in a loving, judgement free atmosphere.
If you are in need of maternity or baby items such as diapers, formula, maternity/baby clothing from our Care Boutique, please contact us to make an appointment. If you would like to book a Prenatal/Pregnancy Support appointment with Kim, our Nurse Practitioner, please contact us.

Contact Info

Tuesday & Wednesday 10:00-2:00
Friday 12:00-2:00*
*By appointment only
Thank you SO much to everyone who donated to this awesome cause!

Celebration of our 80+ members

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On October 22, we celebrated 80!! Stories of seven congregants of Unity United who have reached the milestoneage of 80 and beyond were shared and celebrated! Congratulations! ��

Anniversary Sunday

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We celebrated Unity’s 15th anniversary this past Sunday and what a great celebration and turnout! Rev. Lilian Patey – who previously provided Ministry when we were part of a 3-point charge (Ebenezer, Vasey and St. Johns) – was a joy to have speak during the service! She brought many happy memories with her!