Warm and Cozy: A Local Outreach Program

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The economy has been harsh for the past few years. That hardship can be felt most when the warm summer days begin fade into fall–then winter comes. Providing winter clothing for children is expensive. For some families in the communities that surround the church, it can be too expensive. As a result, local little ones (and not so little ones) go without snow-boots, coats, snowsuits, gloves, mitts and socks.

Shouldn’t all children have a right to be warm and cozy regardless of their economic status? (please keep reading >>)

Sermon Recap (In case you missed it…)

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1 Samuel 16:1-13 God Judges By the Heart, Not By Appearances (October 20, 2013)

I used to work in an office setting—a friendly office where people liked to do nice things for each other—like bake.   (please click on the >> below to continue reading)