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CalendarThere’s a REALLY EASY way to stay up to speed on what is happening here at Unity United Church. Check out the calendar on our website! You’ll find times for the services, office hours and meeting schedules for the Interest Groups. 

If you actively participate in the life of Unity and you want your event added, please send me an email. That way, I can make sure your event gets recorded on the calendar. 

If you’re not “into” calendars and just enjoy reading the site, subscribe to the site by clicking “subscribe” on the home page. That way, every time there’s something new on the site, you’ll be informed. 

Like everything else at our church, the calendar and the website are works in progress–works done by human hands–not Divine ones. We goof up. So, if you’re not sure about what you see on the calendar or on the site or you think something is missing, PLEASE contact us!

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